Who Precisely is Who?

You want me to speak; you give me a clue of things I already said, did, and knew. Before, and again, but now as a means to an end.

Your end? Or my end?

I hate this game of impersonation. Let’s pretend we don’t know how it goes and see if she speaks up and says what she said before or maybe an enlightened version that evolves after shutting the door in her face and smothering her with additional disgrace. Maybe she’ll do it again so we can laugh at her and pretend we don’t know how it goes.

I see it’s a mirror with some lifting their siblings while others are lazy and play games for collections and money – they are crazy.

The weights on a few who look diminished undercover as they hold up others -Their work seems reduced because they feed inspiration to an entire brood they are trying to raise-Evolve into one after being scattered among many. So the work that looks less actually holds up the rest- reflected and weighed down as their students’ names resound throughout the universe. Children’s work now on gallery’s walls, published in print, acted out on stage and sung on the radio. A Grammy, a Pulitzer, an Olympic Gold Medal, a Super Bowl Ring, an Oscar, a Tony, and the Nobel prize – all little rewards for working hard along your ride. So, who did what and who precisely is who?

What could those few do when the weight of all of you is lifted? Now that excites me!

You say your angry because your energy is being drained. Do you know where your energy originated? You should figure that out before you blow smoke and complain. What lengths, what sorrows, the trials, and unbelievable miles we traversed …. not to lose a single one of you.

Amy Jean

Photo by Klugzy Wugzy on Unsplash