Amy Jean Blog - Bad Plan Men -Foliage Wednesday Wisdom Bad Plan, Men Amy Jean Blog - Bad Plan Men -FoggyRoad Therefore the Lord will afflict the scalp
of the daughters of Zion with scabs,
And the Lord will make their foreheads bare.
Amy Jean Blog - Bad Plan Men - Dramatic women's jewelry In that day the Lord will take away
the beauty of their anklets, headbands,
crescent ornaments,
dangling earrings, bracelets, veils,
headdresses, ankle chains, sashes,
perfume boxes, amulets, finger rings,
nose rings, festal robes, outer tunics, cloaks,
money purses, hand mirrors,
undergarments, turbans and veils.
Amy Jean Blog - Bad Plan Men -Camel and rider in desert Now it will come about that instead of
sweet perfume there will be putrefaction;
Instead of a belt, a rope;

Instead of well-set hair, a plucked-out scalp;
Instead of fine clothes, a donning of sackcloth;
and branding instead of beauty.
Amy Jean Blog - Bad Plan Men - Lone Camel in Desert Your men will fall by the sword
And your mighty ones in battle.
And her gates will lament and mourn,
and she will sit deserted on the ground.
- Isaiah 3:17-26
Amy Jean Blog - Bad Plan Men - Norman Rockwell Couple No band of peace to seal our minds so you can enter
and take what you like.

It’s sad to me that you couldn’t see the damage you
would do to all of humanity.
No chivalry, no conversation, no romance in store,
man was looking for nothing more than a whore.

Woman was not interested,
so you took what was not yours–
personally I find you a bore.
Amy Jean Blog - Bad Plan Men -dry water hole Sadly, men, holding Woman down
and locking her out of the Promised Land
so you could be in control has
resulted in degenerative diseases
for men and women
for generation after generation.
Hello men!
WOMAN gives birth and passes what you
afflicted on to us to the next generation
of men and women.
And when woman goes to extinction,
no man can be born.
You clearly failed to think your GAME through
with any logic whatsoever!
Amy Jean Blog - Bad Plan Men - Man with Dementia The scabs on the daughters of Zion
are the plaque on M.S. patients,
the plaguing on Alzheimer patients,
and other degenerative
brain diseases.
Amy Jean Blog - Bad Plan Men - Cathedral Dome The soft spot on the top of the head
where the perfume from Heaven
is supposed to be emitted when one is fully
in the Promised Land (one’s own mind).
If only life had not been reduced to a game.
The oneness God intended
and Peace for all would exist!
Amy Jean Blog - Bad Plan Men -Devastation Instead we are riddled with unnecessary
suffering and diseases.
Bad Plan.
Photos by Markus Winkler, Quintch, Dave Hoefler, Chirag Shenoy, Ben Ostrower, Olivier Mesnage, Ammar ElAmir, Mukund Nair and Rad Cyrus on