The spec in my eye, it must be where you spy?

Your existence must be a bore!

– Did you get stuck with the chore of keeping score in this dumb game of life?

I’m so sorry for you because I do nothing particularly compelling.

Well, lots of yelling about the tragedy of my life – a runaway plan turned into an enormous scam.

This peephole for you creepers stole the joy of my journey.

There’s nothing to see! It’s not exciting or fun being me.

Now get rid of this spot; there’s nothing to watch.

You’ve seen me in the shower and during many tedious hours.

– Even when I’m driving. Now that is not safe!

So there’s a spec in my eye because I pulled out your plank. Why?

-Because my vision is broader and deeper than the rest of you who are left – combined.

I thought about a patch but decided it might hinder me from seeing all you lack.

Photo by Nathan DeFiesta on Unsplash