The Long Stretch by Amy Jean

The Long Stretch

Soon to be published, this is a book of poems as a gift for my family.

Preface from The Long Stretch by Amy Jean

The Long Stretch is a collection of poems that share thoughts and experiences endured during an excruciatingly long labor towards cosmic birth in the New Heavens and New Earth. The author shares tidbits of struggles, opinions, dreams, longing, visions, frustrations, and heartbreak using vital, freestyle, lyrical precision. A photograph from depicts each poem majestically.

Join the author in her struggles as she contemplates thoughts on “truths,” and if she should believe them or question their veracity and throw many of them out in an attempt to spin her desires into reality—desires and dreams that unfold as the chapters progress.

Why can’t I get what I want??

Is there a reason????


The stretch too long to determine where I belong.

Is there anyone from before left for me to adore?

Or did they all disappear in my rearvere?

I was driving so fast; I have no view of what I once knew!

Is there someone standing behind, restraining me in this rewind?

Who can explain all this rain and why I went insane?

Because then I will understand all the faults in this plan and likely why I ran.

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