The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 2 by Amy Jean

The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 2: Passion’s Fire

Memoir – The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 2

Amy Jean continues the journey she began with The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1: Foundations. In The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 2: Passion’s Fire, God steps directly through human relationships proving that love repairs all breaches. In a world filled with individuals focused on collecting belongings and seeking fame, often at the expense of their brothers and sisters, this volume of The Kingdom Has Arrived yearns to warm the hearts of humanity in hopes of shedding light on many trapped in darkness.

The memoir continues with poetry and prose detailing personal struggles on a journey leading to the completion of the fulfillment of the prophet Isaiah and final revelation as described in the Bible. Scripture directly corresponding to life events dramatically display the long-awaited coming of God’s Kingdom. The trumpet is sounding, and Heaven and Earth are about to collide.

Preface from The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 2: Passion’s Fire

It’s odd how life just moves forward after an experience like the passion journey I suffered in the mental hospital. Moving forward didn’t seem natural to me because I was feeling the shackles on my ankles and the wounds of Christ daily, while revelation was flowing freely at me. Also, my sons and husband were acting differently. While they were in my presence, I felt like they had been taken from me. They were behaving as if they were on a mission they believed in that I was not privy to—a mission meant to restore me. When I said anything to them to try to confirm my suspicions, they would deny knowing what I was talking about. How in the world could the sons I bore and raised now be tasked with a mission to raise me? My new life dynamic felt backward, and I hated the idea that they would suffer or watch me suffer.

My current situation reminded me of when Benjamin was in first grade. He came home from school one day sad because a boy at his lunch table sat alone and told all the kids that he was in a Star Wars bubble, which was why nobody could sit next to him. The little boy had greasy hair, dirty clothes, and emitted an unpleasant odor. While many of the other children teased the boy, it made Benjamin very sad, and he was teary-eyed as he told me about the boy sitting alone at the end of the table. I told Benjamin to share with the boy how much he likes Star Wars and to ask him if he could sit in the bubble with him. Benjamin did precisely that the next day, and eventually, all the boys at his lunch table were seated in the Star Wars bubble with Ben and the outcast.

I, of course, was a proud mother—and what mother wouldn’t be with a son like that. But I had the distinct feeling that now my boys and husband were stuck in a bubble with me. And I did not like that at all. It seemed like Benjamin was trapped there with me more so than the others, primarily because I would hear his voice in my head from time to time, saying, “Mom, Mom, he touched me!” Ben was joking, of course, and poking fun at me because I kept saying in my dreams, thoughts, and even out loud at times, “If you ever touch my sons, I will hunt you down for an eternity, and you will wish you were never born.” What I thought they were going to do to my sons precisely, I don’t know. But there is no way in hell anyone was going to separate my boys or make them suffer this insane purification and circumcision that I am going through.


One thing that kept me going was the last vision I had when I was lying on the bed in the mental hospital after the locusts had lifted and libraries of information began pouring into my mind. I saw thousands of people in an outdoor open area like the piazza at the front of the Vatican. People were being rescattered into families or groups going in different directions. They were calling me a Zazzy Queen because I had been so fiery and stubborn to handle. I had a little Australian shepherd and was wearing jeans, a T-shirt, and swanky shoes while all the other queens had fancy clothes, fancy makeup, and some plastic inserted here and there as if they had signed up to be Barbie dolls. Don’t get me wrong, I loved playing with Barbies when I was a kid, but I had no interest in being one.

I didn’t develop insecurities until my first love tossed me aside. Then I started to wonder if I needed to wear fancy clothes or have bigger boobs. But I refused to become synthetic to please a man. I waited until I found someone who loved me exactly the way God made me. Once again, I was the outcast of the bunch at the rescattering. But I didn’t care, because not only were all my boys together with me but also all my friends and family, including my mom and dad, who had long since passed away. And my sister was no longer sick.

It was a marvelous vision that keeps me going daily. It would most certainly be Heaven on Earth. And I am a dreamer, so I plan on dreaming until my dreams come true.

After all, with God, anything is possible.

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