The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1 by Amy Jean

The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1: Foundations

Memoir – The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1

The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1: Foundations is Jean’s debut memoir. A compilation of poetry and prose quaintly detail the groundwork laid during her childhood and early years. A journey leading to a miraculous faith and supernatural encounters. Jean takes the reader along on her pilgrimage. One driven by a passion that has not galvanized humanity for thousands of years. Her trials lead to self-discovery and a deeper understanding of the universe and the presence of God’s Kingdom now.

Jean shares personal details of her mystical and otherworldly encounters. Occurrences including physical manifestations, visions, locutions, prophetic dreams, and apparitions. Through Scripture, she begins to uncover her life events woven through time. And she discovers her life written in Biblical history. Charming images accompany events, bringing her story captivatingly to life for the reader. In sharing her story, Jean aspires to bring light to a world that seems to be in a state of demise. The Kingdom has Arrived share’s Amy Jean’s journey, her life in the Bible, her love affair with Jesus Christ, her God story. The Scriptures and miracles that the Holy Spirit has led her to and through along her way thus far. Everybody has a story in the Bible waiting to be lived, to unfold, to ignite their life, to be told, to be shared, to inspire others.

Companion Journal:

Amy also created a companion devotional journal, My Insight Journal, filled with inspirational scriptures, thoughts to start your day and room to write your own journey.

The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1 and My Insight Journal by Amy Jean
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