A vision is dangled, a promise of something great.

But the dream and my reality never meet – the devil’s miraculous feat.

I no longer believe these views, the lure of something new, recognition for all I do, and an understanding of what I went through. Because the devil stepped in and stole the glory & fun so they could bask in the sun, but it wasn’t supposed to be a game of earning fame or winning collections – shame, shame! – It was a journey, an escape, to find peace and love & to save our race.

Now it seems the added visions were all lies. I won’t bother to stand up and share what else I’ve seen because the things you inserted were way too mean.

Instead, I’ll retreat for a walk on the beach, a nap on my couch, a leisurely afternoon where I intentionally miss every beat of your drum(it’s dumb). I prefer my rhythm and rhyme:

The Impossible Dream by Amy Jean

To choose how and who you love,
living in peace and harmony.
Free of disease and controversy.
The devil never invoked.
No control or yoke;
—A life we invoke.

No dream out of reach
No unbeatable foe
Very little sorrow
and many places to go

All wrongs righted
Love intimate and dear
Wrapped in one another's arms
No longer in fear

And everywhere we turn, 
Family appears.

So now I must say adieu to you, you, and you who want me to march to the beat of a drum collecting your scum and repairing your missteps. I’m no longer numb; I can feel and cry. But I no longer ask why. Because I have seen all the way through many times and know that no matter what I do, it was woven precisely from front to back and back to front, so your nasty attacks can’t pass through to the future views.