A Sacred Union

A joyful event

It is Heaven’s Scent

A sacred union

A new beginning

Loved ones join in

for an enchanting day

to celebrate the beginning

of the couple’s new way

How they dress details

their personalities for the guests

Who sit in rows

while couples disclose

vows of dedication

declaring mutual admiration

for the future they have planned

and their Love at hand

Two become one

In perfect unity they meet

Love and Faithfulness bound

A divine partnership now found 

There may be a ring

to signify these things

But in the end, that is all pretend

Because what truly matters

is what happens after

With loyalty and patience

The union grows firm

Amid passion and commitment

Everybody knows

The two will stay joined

Through all highs and all lows

The strength of their love is easily seen

by the exchange of tender glances

disclosing how love advances

to a future enchanted

Outside pressures will never cause them

To depart from their start

Because the strength of their bond

Is everlasting – God’s art

But the little details

Bring joy to the day

Petals scattered

The arrangements on the table

The flowers the bride carries

The array of platters

A little bling

And maybe some sparkly things

The music, the dancing

The boisterous laughter

Confirms the couple

will be sought-after

The photos you take

oh, the impact they make

As the years pass by

you can remember all the whys

you put so much effort

Into a commencing event

Bound together

Inseparable from the start

a new path to walk

with your favorite to talk

about things little and big

and everything you would give

to do it again, if in the end

it was still with them

The specifics won’t impact the future

or alter the couple’s next chapter

But to a dreamer, oh, how they matter 

This is the beginning of true loves

…Happily Ever After