Step into the Upper Room

I arrive at the door of the dimly lit upper room. Looking in, I see Jesus
standing in the shadows with his arm stretched out towards me.
He has been waiting patiently for my arrival.

Over the years, he has whispered gently calling me to him. And I have often
thought to myself:

Am I hearing things?

How did that happen?

Was that a coincidence?

And now, having sought him out during a time of need, I finally hear him calling me. I respond to his call. Standing at the door of the dimly lit upper room, I grab a hold of Jesus’ hand and we begin our journey

As I take a step towards Jesus, he pulls me closer to himself. I step out of
the shadows and into his presence. I am overwhelmed by the power of
his love and the beauty of his gentle yet piercing eyes gazing down on me.
Warmth spreads from my core and moves outward through every cell in my body leaving a tingling sensation all over. I feel as if I have been
wrapped in a blanket of peace. My heart overflows with joy beyond
anything I have ever felt before.

I feel surprised at how relaxed and at home I feel in this upper room. A
beautiful place that belongs to my Lord in Heaven. I am not entirely sure
where I am or how I am, but I know I would like to stay forever.
Jesus, knowing that I am not quite sure what to do next, takes the lead and
steps forward towards me. While still holding my left hand with his right
hand, he places his left hand on my waist and draws me closer to him. He
smiles gently at me and says, “My beloved, I have been waiting for you. I
am so happy you are here; I love you. Please tell me everything in your
heart; I want to hear it all.”