The Long Stretch

The stretch too long

to determine where I belong.


Is there anyone from before

left for me to adore?


Or did they disappear

In my rearvere?


I was driving so fast,

I don’t have a view of what I once knew!


Is there someone standing behind

restraining me in this rewind


Who can explain all this rain

and why I went insane

Because then I will understand all the faults in this plan and likely why I ran.


In my most recent book, A Step Back, I talk about Fantacity:

Fantacity is when your faith in someone or something has gone on so long that you are driven to fantacity. It’s part of Amy Jean’s dictionary which is a work in progress.

Another word in my dictionary that is new is reavere:

Reavere is when you look back on life and realize your life is not linear in time, space, or order, rather it is in constant motion, changing.

How is one to keep track of the past if as time is rolling up, the past, present, and future is continuously changing? I’m not sure if any of you have experienced this, but for me, it makes life nauseating and unpleasant.

Illustration by Eric Savage