Life is not a game

America claims to offer Liberty and justice for all, but is that what is happening? Does every citizen get liberty and justice? I have an answer to my own question:

Some citizens are sentenced to a life of slavery by being locked out of their minds. Spines now clicked down, they are trapped in the futility of their minds. Unable to defend themselves intelligently, the very individuals that have been entrusted to protect them are draining them.

YES, we are colonized in a cannibalistic society where some rise in the GAME.  They have good skin, healthy teeth, longevity, and amass significant financial wealth. Some live a life of luxury, while others literally sustain them physically and financially. Life is drained out of the workers as they labor away earning a living. They purchase the gimmicks and remedies being sold by the very people that are consuming them. 

 Thou shalt not kill. – Exodus 20:13

Thou shall not kill!

– a slow painful drain – it’s killing.  It’s in black letters on white paper, right in the playbook.

So why force labor that drives some out of their own brain or Promised Land to sustain others?

In this Game of Life that so many are playing, who decides who will be fed off and endure a slow, painful death while others gain youthful looks, good health, and collect material goods?


Are you fully alive, having access to your own mind? Or have you been sentenced to sustain others condemned to live half a life? Are you walking among the living dead?

I DEMAND an answer, and you should too!

Nor did Zebulun dispossess the inhabitants of Kitron or those of Nahalol; the Canaanites lived among them and became forced laborers.

Nor did Asher dispossess the inhabitants of Acco or those of Sidon, or take possession of Mahaleb, Achzib, Helbah, Aphik, or Rehob. So the Asherites settled among the Canaanite inhabitants of the land, for they had not dispossessed them.

Nor did Naphtali drive out the inhabitants of Beth-shemesh or those of Beth-anath. They settled among the Canaanite inhabitants of the land and the inhabitants of Beth-shemesh and Beth-anath became forced laborers for them.

The Amorites hemmed in the Danites in the mountain region, not permitting them to come down onto the plain. So the Amorites continued to live in Harheres, Aijalon, and Shaalbim, but as the power of the house of Joseph grew, they were conscripted as laborers.

-Judges 1:30-35

I have a story to tell, and I intend to share because ALL LIVES MATTER. Every person has a right to use their own mind.

Take a Peek at Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites


Chapter 46: Life is Not A Game!

I lay back down on the metal bed in my corner hospital room, and information began to flow through my mind again. I didn’t feel shackles or chains any longer, but I was too exhausted to even try to move. Multiple scenarios of how the universe and everything in it came into existence played out in my mind.

One was that life was a game, and there were multiple “gods” in the universe playing the game of life. We here on earth were just pieces on a multi-universe board game. When the twelve “gods” of the universes sat down to play the game, some of the pieces in the game had collected all the information in their brains; their brains were essentially high-tech microtechnology machines gathering details on how individuals belonging to each of the tribes behaved during their lifetimes. Those pieces on the board would be shackled and chained and spun around for a year in heaven, which was the equivalent of seven years on earth. During this time, all the information gathered would be revealed. The game took place in area 51, where UFOs have been spotted. The shackled “pawns” were basically the cash registers for this game of life to determine how the treasures of each planet would be divided among the “gods” of the universes.

The second scenario was that there were seven dimensions of the earth.

Four dimensions on the bottom, two on top of that covering the four below, and then a dome on the very top, which was heaven. In this scenario, each person must pass the required tests to evolve to the next level or dimension. It reminded me of the game my boys played in their youth called Pokémon. They would run around trying to get each of their Pokémon to evolve and move to the next level. In this scenario, each time you passed a level, your brain would grow and you were able to move up a level, experiencing new things on your way toward reaching heaven, or the summit of the tree of life. Another scenario, of course, was that Jesus Christ died on the cross so that all mankind could be saved and live in love, joy, and eternal peace with God in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The scenarios were all far more complex and detailed than I am describing.

For example, in the multidimensional scenario, the players of the game literally moved human beings around the country or world to get their “troops” to locations in order to fortify their positions, as in the board game Risk. This somehow made sense to me based on the number of times I had moved during my life―the thought had crossed my mind several times in recent years that I had pinned down the state of Pennsylvania, having lived in all four corners of the state. I decided I had captured the American flag and conquered liberty, having lived in Pittsburgh, Erie, Mountain Top, and Philadelphia.

I grasped that some of the “gods” playing the game also turned some of their “pawns” into “dogs” and could bite the other players’ “pawns,” causing them setbacks in evolving to the next level. It disgusted me to think a human life could be nothing more than a pawn in a game, and that possibly I was just being moved around a game board. But it fit too well with the information being dumped into my mind.

During the first year of my exile,

each time I spun through a purification cycle, I could fit pieces together that made sense for all the scenarios. It was quite maddening and left my mind an exhausted, splintered wreck. I was looking for a logical conclusion to eliminate the various scenarios, but every scenario made sense. My mind couldn’t rationalize a species barbaric enough to turn life into a game, so in the end, I would decide that Jesus Christ died to save me and all humanity. Each spin, I would get to that conclusion faster and with less distress. If everything makes sense, then faith in Jesus Christ was my final and only answer.

One might ask,

“If you stood before Jesus Christ in Spirit, and spoke with him, why would you try to analyze these scenarios for plausibility?” It is utterly ridiculous how many times I asked myself that very question as I repeatedly spun and vomited. I won’t bore you with how my spinning, logical mind strained for years to resolve the dilemma, but here is one of many different things I considered: If there are twelve gods out there playing a game, and they have that much power, then any one of them could potentially stand before me in an “apparition” and speak the words I heard Jesus Christ say to me. Then I opened the Bible, and my eyes fell on 2 Chronicles 2:4, “And the house I am going to build must be great, for our God is greater than all other gods.” I flipped to another random page in the Bible and saw Psalm 135:5, “For I know that the Lord is great, that our Lord is greater than all gods.” Why exactly does the Bible say there is more than one god? I would conclude that there is more than one god, but we are to have only one God.

Then the next time

I would spin in the purification process, Charles would say to me, “What was the first company you worked for?” I would think to myself, National Cash Register. And then Charles would say, “And who did you work for after that?” I would think, Micrographic Technology Corporation. And that would play right into the scenario where I was just a counting machine, a high-tech pawn in a game of life. An empty vessel for idiots to use to play a game with people’s lives.

I now have a profound understanding of what Scripture means when it says, “Gird the loins of your mind.” Clearly suck at girding the loins of my mind. I could go on for pages and pages about this because I spun these scenarios out in my logical, mathematical mind for years to come, getting sick to my stomach, vomiting, looking like an idiot, and who knows how else the world may have perceived me. Maybe I don’t want to know what they thought―some things are better left unsaid. Each time, I would conclude that the puzzle cannot be solved because they all fit, so the only option is Jesus Christ and faith in him.

When life is a Game, humanity goes to extinction – Every single trajectory….EXTINCTION!

Amy Jean Brain

Illustrations by Eric Savage