Is it possible to sever True love?

The gods of the past didn’t want us to last 

Church with open door

To divide our L o v e

They made me soar like a dove.

A test to see if you and me should be a we, and

so they could bet and play a

game they’d regret

Is it possible to sever True Love?

Our strong foundation was

Tested by assorted game moves

various religions, wars, degenerate ploys, bad decisions

to sever true Love

True Love

amy jean blog post discusses the power of love and the power of hate
that for them was unfound

Is it possible to sever True love?

Jealous, they tried to separate us with their hate. 

No success we progress 

Until we shake them off

And everything left is of us. 


I am a sucker for a good love story. When choosing movies I lean towards the Jerry Maguire, Bridges of Madison County, Sleepless in Seattle, or a good predictable Hallmark movie at Christmas time. Sometimes my family and friends even complain about my movie choice. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Bruce Willis movie, a comedy, some drama, or an educational documentary. But I am not a big fan of true-to-life violence. I don’t like blood or pain, at all. And when it comes to love in real life, I prefer a happy ending.

Can true love endure everything? I am not sure anymore. Just read my ramble about true love in A Step Back. Two of my sons recently got married, and I wrote poems about love. In my upcoming book, A Step Back, I talk about love and my experience and theories about love. I hope you will read them and tell me your thoughts about love.

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