Suffering for growth?
What a load!

A Godly Plan =

Firm words of wisdom and a gentle hand
that help all understand appropriate gains
that one can maintain
Hard work and determination guided by
integrity and patience, delivering
sustainable growth that
all can withstand

Sustainable growth or suffering for growth

I decided to do an internet search for sustainable growth. Not surprisingly, I discovered that it took me straight to a definition of SGR. The SGR or Sustainable Growth Rate for a business is when a company can grow without taking on additional equity or debt. I’m not surprised because so many are foucsing on collecting financial wealth – money, money, and money.

When I wrote the poem and decided to use the words sustainable growth, I was referring to personal growth. The kind of growth that truly enhances one’s life experiences. For instance:

  • Engaging in meaningful relationships.
  • Collecting joyful moments with family and friends.
  • Expanding one’s mind by pursuing a new passion or one you set aside.
  • Learning a new language so you can make new friends.
  • Exploring one’s self-worth.
  • Revisiting your integrity standards.
  • Maybe developing a plan to give back to your community.

It seems to me that wise, conscientious individuals with high integrity standards can raise kind, responsible, and unique citizens without any violence, suffering for growth, or ridiculous rights of passage that inflict pain on the person. I hate that hard times and suffering are what make so many famous or successful. What about talent, hard work, integrity, passion, and family to support as a formula for success in life? 

I find that many successful individuals have suffered through difficult childhoods or life events. I wish I could hear more success stories about children who had beautiful lives with fully engaged parents that loved them.

What are your thoughts on this subject?