_- – – ~~a chance to take flight, a legal high

Skydive to Revive One Foundation of Love

The one from an airplane 

A fun way to spend a day

A free-fall, an adrenaline rush,

followed by a gentle hush,

a glide…

A drift through the air

with a peaceful stare

of creation, of nature, beauty

that renders despair, bare

The other using “science”

A flight for selfish plights

A barbaric game that causes other’s Unacceptable pain. 

To stalk, to intimidate, to be unkind,

will put you at the very end of the line.

Have you not heard the saying, “You go your way, and I’ll go mine!”

I object
It’s my mind you unbind. 
I won’t be left behind. 
I’m smart. You’ll see,


Not money, not greed, no coercion, nobody taking a knee, will sway me.

All freed.

Skydive to One Foundation of Love,

One Family

Adrenalin Rush

I am someone who enjoys an adrenalin rush. You know, that vulnerability that leads to euphoria; it comes in various shapes and forms: Diving into love, jumping out of an airplane, speaking your truth, climbing a mountain, or maybe taking a path never traveled. I have done many of these things in the past, but not skydiving. My three sons are grown and independent; it is the time!


On a recent RV vacation in Key West, I decided to skydive on a beautiful, clear, sunny day in Florida. While driving to the skydive location, my oldest son calls and requests I get the video package so he and his brothers could see my skydive. Had I known how fifty-year-old skin flaps in the wind while freefalling at 110 miles per hour, I would not have agreed to the video, but I didn’t find out until I watched the video later.


At any rate, I arrived and a young girl harnessed me in some sturdy straps that would attach me to an experienced skydiver. And I was thankful for that because I was a tad more nervous than I expected. I suppose all those years at home raising my sons curbed my daredevil nature. After all, how would they be raised appropriately without me around.

Speaking of young men, as I walk out to the tiny airplane, there are five boys around the same ages as my sons. We cram into the little plane with the expert skydiving with me—young men, who hopefully had become expert skydivers by their mid to late twenties.

The Skydive

Unbelievably, we all crammed into that tiny plane – five young men, and me, sitting on one of their laps, I will add. At the time, it crossed my mind that my girlfriend, Lynn, mentioned that it would not be a bad way to die-sitting on a handsome young man’s lap. The thought made me laugh, and I shook off my growing nerves. I took a deep breath to slow my heart rate.

The Jump

At five thousand feet, the pilot opened the door, and three of the boys jumped out – boom, boom, boom, they were gone, just like that. I tried to see where they were to confirm their parachutes open, but I couldn’t see anything other than the blue sky. We kept climbing to 10,000 feet when the pilot opened the door, and it was my time to fly. I didn’t have a chance to think about being scared. Quickly, the expert skydiver guided me to put my feet on the jumping platform, and before I could decide, he stepped forward, and we were off!

The Skydive Freefall

The freefall was terrifying at first. My heart was pumping highspeed. The power of the wind against my face and in my ears overwhelmed me. It felt like a long freefall before the boy deployed the parachute, but it turned out to be only 45 seconds! Once the parachute was out and the glide began, I completely relaxed and enjoyed the scenery. I felt like a graceful eagle soaring through the air in perfect unity with nature (minus being attached to the young man). Yes, I would do it again to see the magnificent view of nature!

Skydive to Revive One Foundation of Love