Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites by Amy Jean was Authors Press’ LA Bookstore’s Book of the Month!

Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites poetically reveals the diabolical ramifications of life being played rather than lived. I share “toned-down” personal tribulations and contemplation in a spirited, rhythmic chime. If we must act “child-like,” we might as well approach difficult subjects with nursery rhymes and illustrations. The book boldly depicts Woman’s struggle to be recognized in a male-dominated society and highlights historical missteps with fiery intensity.

Common Sense is defined as sound practical judgment independent of specialized knowledge, training, or the like; normal native intelligence. It seems to me, as a species, we grievously lack common sense these days. Think about it: We have some people with billions of dollars and others without clean water, food, shelter, or an education. Does that seem like common sense to anybody? Or how about thirty-page contracts with legal jargon that the average person doesn’t understand? If you can’t set your terms in three or four pages of plain language, then it seems you or your organization are trying to trick the average individual. And what about healthcare costs – outrageous! I recently passed on renewing my epi-pin because it was over $300 to refill! Wouldn’t the money spent on things that lack common sense be better-used feeding and educating humanity? I could go on and on, and I am sure you could add to the list of things that lack common sense. Here is one of the poems from the book and a few sample pages.

All That Ends Well is NOT Always Well

Unnecessary suffering endured

Promises not kept

Grueling nights

Avoidable fights

Racial tension

People plaqued with depression

Chemical warfare &

body degradation

– all to gain emancipation

Political unrest

Communities oppressed

-villages without clean water

or electric power

Women abused,

children used

for financial gain

by men unrestrained

Medical services withheld

Healthcare plans disturbed

by big corporations,

so a few can get rich

while the rest

remain in a ditch

Corporate environments toxic

leave family life catastrophic

No time to embrace

what God intended for our race:

A meal around the table

with conversations about the day

Family outings

where joy and laughter are a mainstay

A strong family union

keeps the devil at bay

A community to support

rather than distort

simple values that restore

what the “game” tore.

by Amy Jean

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