I share quite a few thoughts, theories, and temptations!

     In volume 3 of my memoir, I, Amy Jean, pave an unusual and unanticipated path. Readers will discover a drastic change of tone and perspective as I share “the unrelenting rant of an angry Woman in labor.” I offer potential readers a couple of things to consider before deciding if they want to read the book:


Please review the information on this page before determining if my book is for you:

     As a misunderstood author, I continually get recommendations about books on the craft of writing: forming good sentences, learning the rules of publishing a book that people will want to buy and read, and suggestions on books that teach proper formatting and writing techniques. My purpose in writing The Kingdom Has Arrived, Volume 3: Reclaimed, is to unapologetically rant and break every rule I possibly can in the process. Since I am reclaiming my life, I intend to make my own damn rules.

     If you don’t want to hear the semi-uneducated and slightly confounded rant of an angry WOMAN IN LABOR, then don’t read this book. It’s important to note that much of what’s in this book results from the laborious evolutionary process of the expansion of one’s mind to reclaim our species’ foundational truth. Many feelings, thoughts, and declarations stated in this volume are overturned as my Promised Land expands and contracts to recollect myself and possibly some of you. For me, revisiting those thoughts and revelations reads like a tragic comedy, precipitating tears and laughter in my life. If you decide to read this, I hope you contemplate something new and have a laugh or two and maybe a tear.

As you might expect, I did not seek any input, reviews, or editing for this volume.