Poetry might be fact

It might be fiction

It might be something cooked up in a kitchen

A poem might be about the poet

or someone who doesn’t know it

It might be about a group of three

or ones you can’t see

A poem might be found in a dream,

or prayer sent on a moon beam,

or even the result of a child’s scream

Depending on the speed and motion of poet

he or she may not even know it

But the beauty of the poem lies within the poet

This I know

Rhyme and Rhythm

I love rhymes and rhythms. The cadence, speed, variation, and play on words open my mind to make new connections between ideas and thoughts. The creativity of poetry inspires me to consider possibilities that I hadn’t before. Often one thought or word leads me to the next sequence or line. . Often, I make myself laugh or cry as trying to pull together the right combination of words. Writing poems is a fun, creative way to analyze yourself and your surroundings. Why not give it a try.

A blank verse, a free verse, something epic, or maybe a haiku might be fun for you – a sonnet about love or an ode if your bored. A lyric is short. Only five lines at a time. A soliloquy to reflect or a villanelle if you have time. Something epic that rhymes to say what’s on your mind.

To date, my poetry has been free form, epic, and generally rhymes because not only do I like poetry that rhymes with an even cadence, I also prefer to make my own rules rather than follow someone else’s rules. But I am determined to try some of these other forms of poetry in my upcoming posts.

Photo by Vincent Guth on Unsplash