The Eighth Day: About-face










What happens on the eighth day?

I decided to call it Sinday

And on Sinday, most sins have been washed clean,

so almost everybody is starting new

It’s going full circle, standing behind oneself, doing an about face,

and then, stepping forward

Walking away from past sins,

Striding onto a platform; a step up with a new perspective

A higher plane of existence where:

Love is pure

Families are whole

Couple stay together

Nobody cheats on their spouse or significant other

Families live in one place

Surrounded by friends, and a community blessed with God’s grace

Children are not bullied, because being unique is now an acceptable state

The streets are all safe because illegal drugs and sex traffic have been

eradicated from the earth’s face

People chase passion, in lieu of financial wealth, and

Everybody has clean water to quench their thirst while

maintaining good health

Whole food is available to sustain a healthy life

And chemicals no longer pollute the human race

All have a shelter to reside,

A tent, a cabin, or a little R.V.

After all, it’s just a place to be

Joy and laughter happen daily,

it’s something we all most definitely need

To live a life – feeling complete

On the eighth day:

People don’t think twice to share friendly advice;

It would make more sense, than rolling the dice

A neighbor lends a hand when one needs help

And the neighbor expects, absolutely nothing back

It becomes the way; the world expects each person to be

To not be so rushed, that you can’t take notice

When you find someone, who seems to be all alone

Isolated, abandoned, and standing on their own

This would be a state of existence, completely unknown

On the eighth day of the week:

Instead of twelve notes to an octave, we move to thirteen

Simply because odd things feel better to me

Then, everybody dances to Jive music

And instead of a four-step, we now dance five

Rather than uttering a kind word, we all get to speak the truth

Because that might help, inspire our youth

All news programs only share the good news,

because words and thoughts are infectious

And positive is a virus, that needs to be spread

An afternoon siesta is required, but you don’t have to sleep

Instead, you can gather with a group of your favorite peeps

All lives would matter, color would never be mentioned

Because what lies within, would be more important than one’s skin

It safe to eat the cookie dough, because raw eggs won’t make you sick

and licking the icing off the cupcake is never a mistake

Ice Cream for dinner is never a sin

Especially on a holiday – it feels like a win

Playing in the rain is a required activity,

Getting soaked right down to the bone

Then stomping in the mud puddles;

I promise it’s fun!

On the Eighth Day:

People would rarely get sick; humans would be virtually disease free

So, healthcare would primarily be preventative and available for all in need

We would all live full lives, right into triple digits,

surrounded by our loved ones and enjoying the fruit of our seed

The elderly would live with family, when unable to be alone,

It will now be unheard of to shut them away in an old folks’ home

Because the wisdom they have gained will be deemed of great value

and they will be treated as individuals with high esteem

Time travel now possible, so we all can look back.

Because, in time, we must all eventually face our past.

Then, once we go back, we can bring our loved ones forward.

So, they can live a healthy life, without facing an ugly death.

Having enjoyed a full life with very little strife,

All pass with great peace and at every single wake,

Instead of many tears, we honor a great journey with celebratory Cheers!

On the Eighth Day:

Floating around the lake on a Contiki is an annual retreat.

And drinking way too much is expected that week.

The hangover is followed by a nap in a hammock,

where your friends snap a picture of you drooling

then laugh and poke fun.

A lobster feast is had, where everyone joins in,

and the person who eats an entire blueberry pie

is the one who ultimately wins.

Indigestion is the prize, but the winner doesn’t care,

because he never intended to rise with the sun.

The first on the water will see the early rays,

they break the perfect glass and send a wave back.

The ripples on the lake, are never a mistake,

they start the day out, on a glorious note.

The paddle board rides, across the water it glides,

freedom from land, where ones still able to stand.

The one you love almost always loves you back,

But when they don’t, the very next love always does.

That way a heart, can be broken only once,

just to remind us to cherish what we’ve got.

The universal lies that closed so many eyes,

Will soon be uncovered, so all will discover

the blessing of how Christ can Rise,

even when the world seems to be in a state of demise.

Men and women now finally on equal footing,

precisely the way God planned it when the world was created.

Water photo by Samara Doole on Unsplash

Food photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Dancing Photo by Ardian Lumi on Unsplash

Lobster Photo by David Todd McCarty on Unsplash

Blueberry Pie Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash