Open Brain Pathways to Purpose, Passion, and Peace

     Have you ever asked yourself why some people are so creative while others struggle to create anything of interest? Were they born with those gifts? Or did they work harder on their creativity or interest area, and consequently, are they more highly evolved?

     I want to suggest that all these things occur in our evolution and rebirth in the new Heavens and New Earth. Also, as we are “blending” our way to health and the fullness of our abilities, I view individuals in various stages of evolution, with evolution being the full use of one’s brain or Promised Land. And I am excited to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel what our species is capable of once we are all whole and home!

     As a part of our evolution journey, many of us were designated to use primarily one side of our brain. The purpose is to hold back one side, causing the opposite side brain functions to struggle to evolve. And then, on the next blending cycle, the individual labors to open pathways on the opposite side of the brain. Consequently, the delivery is for the growth of the individuals laboring towards new birth and their descendants in a generational rising.

The Brain

Open Brain Pathways to Purpose, Passion, and Peace

Let us take a quick look at the brain not to understand scientifically how the brain works but to understand necessary information before we move on to tapping into our creativity and begin evolving. Where do your strengths lie? Can you expand those brain pathways, enhancing and cultivating those skill sets? And what areas do you need to explore to create new brain pathways as you evolve?

The predominate functions of each side of the brain:

RIGHT BRAIN – control of the left side of the body

  • Intuition
  • Emotional expression
  • Facial recognition
  • Images
  • Color

LEFT BRAIN – Control of the right side of the body

  • Reasoning
  • Numbers
  • Logic
  • Critical thinking
  • Language

     When you read the brain functions, do you intuitively know which side of your brain is predominating? If so, your goal should be to tap into the weaker side of the brain to get your creativity syrup flowing. An evenly round brain is more creative than a deflated one.

Creativity Syrup vs. Creativity Juice

Open Brain Pathways to Purpose, Passion, and Peace

     You might ask what the difference between creativity juice and creativity syrup is. Creativity juice is the equivalent of a one-hit-wonder. It’s as if someone squeezed some sweet fruit into a cup and poured it on the person. They were able to create one beautiful song, one beautiful painting, or one great idea. And after that, nothing. It makes me wonder where did that creativity come from? Why couldn’t they produce anything else? Were they possibly lacking the brain pathways to open the doors that sustain the imagination of an open, whole mind? Maybe someone was trying to give them a jump start, and their engine didn’t rev but petered out.

     Creativity Syrup, on the other hand, is like tree sap. A translucent caramel syrup with a creamy, sweet, thick consistency flows slowly and steadily for an extended period. The kind of original thought that crystallizes when new brain pathways develop.

     Your creative Syrup flows because you worked hard. Therefore your tree trunk is thick, circles complete, you’ve earned your stripes, and drip syrup amber and stout. As a result, consistently or possibly seasonally, you find inspiration and create something new and original.  Because you were diligent and paved new pathways in your brain, you tap into original thought, bringing calm and peace to your mind.

Psalm 12:24, NIV:

The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor

Getting Started

     To get started, here are a few suggestions:

  • Embrace boredom
  • Change your routine
  • Keep a journal
  • Seek inspiration early in the day
  • Join three groups of various types
  • Take a class
  • Exercise
  • Volunteer
  • ________________________Add something to this list!