Last nights dreams were even stranger.

At first I was in danger: I was trapped under a staircase with two ladies who were afraid.

It totally made sense because it was dark everywhere we went with creepy eyes that were sent.

I tried to get the ladies to leave with me and walk down the street, but they refused.

So I broke out and peered about. I heard rustling sounds that startled me. So I started to flap my wings


I was up in the sky

Yes, I got away~!

Then suddenly I was flying through an empty little house, chasing my Nicholas about.

He looked about three wearing little blue pants.

I couldn’t exactly see, because that little rascal is fast!

But I remember that outfit – A red lion was on the front of the shirt.

He was going so fast, I thought he would get hurt!

But I chased him through, then I disappeared into a blue sky.

Now, my dreams after that were all about mean girls who wanted to keep my things.

We had big fight & they told me to go away.

Fine with me, I really didn’t wanna stay – I don’t like the way they played.

So I woke up and filled my own cup.

Nickel Photo by Simon on Unsplash

Staircase Photo by Carolina Pimenta on Unsplash

Blue Sky Photo by Carmine Savarese on Unsplash