Murky Memories


With Big Little Lies

To tie us together

Under the weather

With you outside, so we could survive.

Your trips inside

I know you tried

to easy my pain while I walked alone in the rain.

I hope all we suffered results in some gain.

My journey too long

Trying to forget all the wrongs

Of the past

That perpetually crept through to my present view.

I was trying to talk to you

but others peeked in

They took my words

Made them twist and bend to some altered end.

My messages got lost Multiple lifetimes the cost.

Only murky memories left of things we may have done – glory, joy, and fun when love is one.

Even the things just me, I can’t achieve

Those vision are scattered, the memories tattered

and torn between my lifetimes.

Now I am worn

I stretched way too far.

Amy Jean

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash