You got my back and I got yours

But when exactly do we slow

down enough so I can see your face?


I remember it was handsome

even as your subset

Your cheekbones, those eyes

The things behind your smile

And even your lies

― A disguise


It melts me, it moves me,

Sometimes it taunts me

But the lure in that grin

Holds me within

The space as you move me

Back to where we begin


The pace of this chase

reshapes my thoughts

about the things that I see

and the places I have been


I catch a glimpse

As we speed by

That answer the reason

Why I continue to try


It’s your itchy hands

And make up plans

That draw me in

To chase you around

To where we begin


I thought it was supposed to

Be you chasing me


…What happened to Chivalry?

Knowing someone has your back is a beautiful thing. It’s not overrated at all. Having a best friend makes life easier, taking risks safer, and loving worthwhile. I have had a few best friends in this lifetime. Some came and went. Best friends that had my back for a while and then went on their way. And others who stuck by me for three decades now. And a few who even remain my best friend even after I broke their heart or they broke mine. But life shouldn’t be that way. It’s not the plan for the future. That story is the one we ran away from. But we had and have each other’s back because that’s what good friends do. And everybody needs at least a few good friends to make life great!

You’ve got my back and I’ve got yours

Photo by Alberto De quevedo on Unsplash