What if you discovered that everything accomplished happened because God was flowing through, helping sustain you? An invisible umbilical cord tethering minds to keep all alive until ready for life.

You participated in God’s story, not yours?

Gestational, developmental

Not yet born,

your not entirely doing you.

Your beginning has not yet begun. 

Because your


into a fix,

a run away,

an escape

from a past riddled with hate.

It was an emergency, we ran, rather than be trapped by parents that planned our degradation for their amusement as they spun us into a coliseum to travel and bet rather than be responsible and cherish children who should be free, have fun, develop as one. Instead, we were colonized, enslaved, in a game where idiots create time and claim fame.

That past, should not persist. I pray every day, that they no longer exist!

That’s my prayer – that my children will never endure what we did or alternately, that we are extinguished like this:

In an instant, no memory of pain or a thought about from where we came.

Because a species who plays a game that reduces children should not be…

Says me.

Does anybody want to argue with this?

It’s not wise to bully someone smarter and spiritually more beautiful than you – it might be your end.

Amy Jean