My dreams are so bizarre:

Last night I was standing behind a star as she walked into a ballroom to receive an award.

She bent forward faking shy, then put her hands over her face and pretended to cry before walking to the stage.

I turned and walked away:

Back at the hotel lobby I mounted my horse! (Yes, my horse was standing in the middle of a hotel lobby!)

My dog Zoey hopped on the back causing my horses legs to collapse.

So I got off and led them out the door – Yes, the hotel staff clapped. (They were happy to see us leave)

Horse photo by Amy Jean

Now right before that, I went out back:

Where two houses with swimming pools were butted right up to the slab of concrete where I stood.

I peered down and looked in where people cajole and swim.

Zoey jumped in to cool off which made me grin,

but a man yelled at me to leave – he was not at all pleased.

So I turned and walked away, then slammed the door – Well, Okay!

I bet later he will wish he had asked me to stay…

Golden child Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Horse Photo by Daniel Bonilla on Unsplash

Swimming Photo by Lavi Perchik on Unsplash