I died too many times to be revived

Open your eyes and see:

go here, go there,

we need this; we need that

—Oh, is that a fact!

Now my life is a sacrifice,

an existence; I resist it.

All wishes vanished,

My dreams flashed by, UNREALIZED

A life embraced with many choices – stolen

All I’m left with is whys?

He needed this; she wanted that…

A game, a clue, the cryptograph—it left me blue.

Pressured to reveal my visions and dreams,

many thoughts complex and others unseen.

Then the concepts I disclose make many turn up their noses.

You condescend and declare my thoughts are too rare,

outrageous, maybe even dangerous.

Oh, please, I believe thoughts and words stretch minds

to consider how the world might be different or better, but…

My guy didn’t understand either, and he left too.

For someone young, he thought it would be fun.

So, I’m done…