Layers of Time = No Doomsday

The proclamation of a poem is only a wrapper encasing the poet’s meaning(s) and possible interpretation a reader may impose on the words. I love to play with words and think about the double, triple, or even quadruple meanings a single sentence can have. It’s like peeling back an onion. Sometimes, however, there can be too many layers – rotten layers. Maybe we should discard some layers. If there is a set time for this journey, as there is for a baby’s gestation, D-day (doomsday) is an exciting time when new life happens, rather than imminent destruction! What if the layering of time allows us to rewrite history and cut out the ugly parts.

Time ending or doomsday scares so many people. The ones not understanding that we are in a birth canal with a fixed gestation period to evolve into our whole minds. The purpose is to eradicate disease and genetic anomalies, mending ourselves physically and mentally healthy and strong. In hindsight, I believe all of the bomb shelters and hoarding of survival rations will seem silly.

To a woman giving birth, a time coming to fruition is a glorious thing. The stained glass window declares, “Behold, From Hence Forth, All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed.”

Finally, having given birth to all of the minds of her children, she is recognized, adored, untethered, and freed.

Blessed? Or a Mess? It’s anybody’s Guess!

Most of the women I know looked a little “less than” during childbirth and directly after. A subset of what they once were and will be again one day. And I would guess the level of dishevel depends on the size of one’s brood!

When I say all children, I mean all generations. We are on a journey of rebirth – All of us.

Possibly layers of time were required to hatch this brood!

Several years ago, during a mystical and traumatizing event, enormous amounts of information funneled into my mind. I share a brief description of this disturbing experience in the first volume of my memoir; The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1 Foundations. As the information funneled into my consciousness, it became clear to me that long ago, the gods in the heavens played a game of life, or as I like to call it, “a coliseum on steroids.” As a part of this game, various religions, among other things, were put into place as game moves.

The result if we play a game of life.

This game degraded our species, segregated us, and stole our peace. I believe the game destroyed where we came from. I once viewed our fleeing in a very lucid dream where we escaped by reversing the gate. We fled, entered the “coliseum,” and locked ourselves inside, escaping death. By closing the “gamers” out, we sought a new life void of slavery, violence, degradation, and destruction—a place where every life is whole, free, and valued. A brighter future based on ONE foundation of Love!

The precise way to prevent extinction from ever being in our view again is to experience why our ancestors destroyed our past. Then, we will know what NOT TO DO. It may seem extreme, but we were going to extinction and had nothing to lose.

-Only a future to gain & cherish if we survived

Amy Jean

If we survive, we will have viewed tragedy, love, and brilliance.

The big question now is who wants to build on love and brilliance, to make the unbelievable believable?

Destruction photo by João Pedro Salles on Unsplash

Stained glass window photo by Amy Jean