Our Art is Ridiculously Smart!

I live only in the present moment. 

The future, the past, is a thing that, for me, didn’t last. 

Broken promises, lies, being the sacrifice. 

No thanks. 

We locked the door to me being anybody’s whore. 

We’re too smart 

Our art is so far beyond—you tarts. 

The band aid stripper ?

To trip her, deter her

Because you little shits prefer to exploit her.

Pathetic and weak, you attempt to take

Rather than seek

to grasp love that lasts.

This journey we’ve traversed was to end a curse

invoked in the past by pathetic men

who traveled and bet

Players under a multilayered dome

intended to cast shadows and shame on women and girls

So they could collect paper bills & capture momentary thrills.

They destroyed EVERYTHING from our past

in a game to stroke their egos and claim fame

So we laid the bait, to reverse the gate &

lock them out of the coliseum

ensuring we would never again see them.

I hope never to view a single one of you.

We left you behind because you were more than unkind.

Now reduced to a basal state

some grin & take a taste

Clueless of my worth


Now, I dread seeing him again

The one who completed me, men

Because I was reduced, then laughed at

I was trapped in a pen with a swarm of children

who were NOT gentlemen

I am interested to see

How the tables reversed

Plays out for you cocks-a-wee.

Upside down and limp

Now you look like pathetic chimps – animals.

Treat every woman exactly how you expect your daughter, your wife, your mother, your sister, your grandmother, your aunt, and your best friend to be treated.

Otherwise, take your rod, now upside down, &


Amy jean

Our Art is Ridiculously Smart

The lesson: Never bully those who are smarter and spiritually more beautiful than you are.

Featured Photo by Jamie Fenn on Unsplash

Eyes closed photo by Paco Vaca on Unsplash

Out photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash