Love, Beauty, and Lust lead to a future robust.

Love, Beauty, and Lust by Amy Jean

A banyan tree’s inception is unknown. It rebegins in a crevice, an









An epiphyte by nature, it forges a fight.

Taking flight in the air

to gather moisture and repair,

collecting nutrients from debris

that collect around thee.

—Gestation to proliferate diversity and increase biomass to develop & shelter fledglings.

Love, Beauty, and Lust

The creeping female syconium fig bears bountiful flowering fruit—Multiple ovaries the essence of the inflorescence.

The banyan, the host tree, many compete to grow near then break free.

What a majestic way to nurse one’s youth before cutting them loose.

Aerial prop roots

mature into thick woody trunks

gaining independence as the anchor hollows out.

Nature repeats with branches

 Posting the same directive again and again. So many clues, trying to get through to even a few.

The message is clear. It continually reappears:

Nature Repeats

If we look closely, it is easy to see how nature repeats the same themes. Is anyone getting the evolution messages? Consider comparing plants to animals to stories to numbers to movies to humans to God. A whale spout to baby’s soft spot. The temple on your head to a church temple. Consider the difference between a flower that blooms every year to an annual; how might that relate to where each human is in the evolution process into their mind (The Promised Land). Think about the bulbs we plant that rebloom every spring. Could that reflect one soul with multiple lifetimes working to evolve? What about the rings on a tree, the tree of life, branches or pathways in the brain, and the halo of an angel.

I propose that humans are not using as much of their brains because they are like “preemies” in the evolution/ gestation process.

The spiral pattern repeated in nature resembles winding staircases in elaborate buildings. How might scripture numbers relate to birthdays and other significant formulas and dates? Could these offer clues in evolution? Have you ever considered that morning and mourning sound the same but are opposite; it’s almost as if they cancel each other out. What about the words made/maid, arc/ark, bail/bale, right/write—even the multiple meanings of labor and birth. Let’s consider that everything is connected. It’s like an invisible umbilical cord, so nobody gets lost on the journey, and everybody gets smart, BECOMES COMPASSIONATE, AND GAINS INTEGRITY. The cord is cut, and they gain independence.