“Say it isn’t so” is a chapter from Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites Part 2: Some things are black and white by Amy Jean. In this short book of poetry I discuss everything from current social issues, to historical missteps, to personal childhood memories, and the ups and downs of love. 

Have you ever wished something wasn’t so? I have. And I believe most people can think of a thing or two that the universe could do without. For example, what if we could eliminate cancer and heart disease? How about greed and racism? Maybe hunger and loneliness? Or bullying and violence? I don’t know about the rest of you; I can imagine living in a world without those things! I love to ponder the possibility of analyzing history and then rewriting and/or unwriting the parts that I don’t like. Why not dream big? 

This illustration by Eric Savage perfectly depicted what I was trying to express in the poem, Say it isn’t so, from my book Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites Part 2: Some things are black and white. And as far as I am concerned, some things are right or wrong. Not to say gray does not exist. If you are not privy to all the information, there is the possibility of gray areas. But I believe that violence, hunger, homelessness, and playing games with a life of any kind is wrong. While kindness, generosity, honesty, love, and fun is always right. What do you think?

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Illustrations by Eric Savage