Snippets from a Wild Ride – A Thought, A Theory, A Temptation, A Truth

Volume 3 of my Memoir series is basically the rant of an ANGRY WOMAN! And yes, it is the thickest volume – 432 pages of ranting! I add new words to my dictionary, including:


A form of writing therapy that releases mental steam for a Woman that she considers art. – A release of steam from a Woman’s mind generated by anger.

Here is where the word is derived: Therapy minus “apy” because that sounds happy. And “art” because I have decided that my writing is a form of modern art. And, most importantly, for this volume, I made my own rules. I didn’t have the book edited or reviewed. I DID IT MYSELF. Sometimes the best way to get something done is to do it yourself.

Here’s a few snippets from my lengthy rant that may entice you or deter you from reading this volume:

A Temptation –

A Temptation – If Man chooses to laugh and unnecessarily torment a Woman in labor, then Woman should seriously consider giving men a permanent pause.

A Thought –

A Thought – I am on an absolute sh## ride, so I must have done horrible things. I wish I could remember them. Did I have any fun? Probably not, if I am not the one reflecting, but am reflecting people back on themselves.

A Theory –

A Theory – If the plan had worked, it would make me a rejuvenated whole woman in her late teens who just shot a hole-in-one rather than a princess or Queen, with the critical question being how much wine and chocolate can I buy with 200 bucks?

A Truth –

A Truth –Most of the time, I feel unknown, unheard, and unrecognized for who I am, but my purpose in being here is more than mere survival. I commit my words in ink to paper to forever be present, knowing that what I have done is far more valuable than the ink on paper we call money everyone seems to collect and hold dear.