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The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1: Foundations


The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1: Foundations is Jean’s debut memoir. A compilation of poetry and prose quaintly detail the groundwork laid during her childhood and early years. Groundwork leading to a miraculous faith journey and supernatural encounters. Jean takes the reader along on her pilgrimage – one driven by a passion that has not galvanized humanity for thousands of years. Her trials lead to self-discovery and a deeper understanding of the universe and the presence of God’s Kingdom now. Jean shares personal details of her mystical and otherworldly encounters. These include physical manifestations, visions, locutions, prophetic dreams, and apparitions.

Through Scripture, she begins to uncover her life events woven through time, and she discovers her life written in Biblical history. Charming images accompany events, bringing her story captivatingly to life for the reader. In sharing her story, Jean aspires to bring light to a world that seems to be in a state of demise. The Kingdom has Arrived share’s Amy Jean’s journey, her life in the Bible, her love affair with Jesus Christ, her God story. The Scriptures and miracles that the Holy Spirit has led her to and through along her way thus far. Everybody has a story in the Bible waiting to be lived, to unfold, to ignite their life, to be told, to be shared, to inspire others.

Companion Journal

Amy also created a companion devotional journal, My Insight Journal, filled with inspirational scriptures, thoughts to start your day and room to write your own journey.

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The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1 and My Insight Journal by Amy Jean
The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 2 by Amy Jean

Books by Amy Jean:

The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 2: Passion’s Fire


Amy Jean continues to share the journey she began with The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1: Foundations. In The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 2: Passion’s Fire, God steps directly through human relationships proving that love repairs all breaches. In a world filled with individuals focused on collecting belongings and seeking fame, this volume yearns to warm the hearts of humanity. Hope of shedding light on many trapped in darkness.

The memoir continues with poetry and prose detailing personal struggles on a journey. A journey that leads to the completion of the fulfillment of the prophet Isaiah and final revelation. Scripture directly corresponding to life events dramatically display the long-awaited coming of God’s Kingdom. The trumpet is sounding, and Heaven and Earth are about to collide.


“It’s odd how life just moves forward after an experience like the passion journey I suffered in the mental hospital. Moving forward didn’t seem natural to me because I was feeling the shackles on my ankles and the wounds of Christ daily, while revelation was flowing freely at me. Also, my sons and husband were acting differently. While they were in my presence, I felt like they had been taken from me. They were behaving as if they were on a mission they believed in but that I was not privy to—a mission to restore me.”

Books by Amy Jean:

Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites

Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites poetically reveals the diabolical ramifications of life being played rather than lived. Amy Jean shares personal trials, tribulations, and contemplation in a spirited rhythmic chime. The struggle of women to be recognized in a male-dominated society is boldly depicted in activist poetry style. This collection shoots flares up at the historical missteps we habitually ignore. Fiery intensity and engaging illustrations amplify the words on the page and drive them home to readers who are open to engaging with our flawed history.

Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites Part 2 by Amy Jean

Books by Amy Jean:

Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites Part 2


In Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites Part 2: Some things are black and white, Amy Jean continues to share the ramifications of repetitive historical missteps in an intense poetic clang. The poems hint at unknown universal truths. Direct indications that we currently do not have the freedom we assume we possess, nor are we privy to view reality. Implied impending euphoria holds the reader hostage, as she or he flips from page to page. You can feel the author’s anguish surrounding the greed and jealousy holding humanity back from breaking through to universal liberation. A rapidly approaching future where the oneness depicted in Holy Scripture is a present and universal truth for all.

Sincere tantalizing morsels of a gentle and enduring devotion seep sporadically between poems broadcasting profound rage regarding paths endured. You can feel the author’s confidence build as she evaluates her worth against the negative feedback and denial she has experienced throughout her tumultuous, synthetic, and isolated existence. An existence she is painstakingly laboring to reconstruct, piece by piece, through intense contemplation. The juxtaposed nature of the work takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of emotional highs and lows, culminating in a final AMEN. Illustrator, Eric Savage, delivers once again with heartwarming illustrations that poignantly captivate the essence of the words on the page.

A Step Back by Amy Jean

Books by Amy Jean:

A Step Back

Poetry – A Step Back

As I step back to try and collect all the places I have been, things I have done, where I failed, where I excelled, the joy I felt, and the joy I brought to others, I am beginning to understand that I was rarely ever fully present.  My mind was racing to calculate trajectories, collect people and memories, and lifetimes lost in an attempt to find life. Or maybe save life. I’m not entirely sure.

I had a lucid dream recently where I was running through a large warehouse that was crumbling. I turned to glance back and saw fire everywhere. Warriors with long tubes that threw flames ran towards me to avoid falling in the fire with the crumbling building.  They were destroying everything in their wake. I could see body parts flying, and literally, every single thing behind me incinerating.  I took a right turn down a hallway and then a quick left. The warriors ran right past me. I’m not sure how I escaped. Maybe it was just a dream, but it felt real.

The magnificent visions I see haven’t come to fruition. I am starting to believe that they are lies to hold me caged so others can play a game that covers me in shame. I pray that someone will wake me up and tell me I’m mistaken—you simply dreamed way too long, silly Woman. Nothing you are seeing or understanding is true or real. Now that would be awesome—A dream come true. Do dreams come true?


I dreamed a dream

where I made an escape

I was fearless and brave

and freed every slave

We rejoiced and sang

and found peace in our day.

The Long Stretch by Amy Jean

Books by Amy Jean:

The Long Stretch

Poetry – The Long Stretch
Soon to be published, this is a book of poems as a gift for my family.


The stretch too long to determine where I belong.

Is there anyone from before left for me to adore?

Or did they all disappear in my rearvere?

I was driving so fast; I have no view of what I once knew!

Is there someone standing behind, restraining me in this rewind?

Who can explain all this rain and why I went insane?

Because then I will understand all the faults in this plan and likely why I ran.


Petrichor Flipbook by Author Amy JeanCrying can be refreshing. It’s healthy to release anger appropriately. And laughing at yourself is a definite mood booster. Petrichor/ Sediments: A Few Remaining Dark Thoughts by Amy Jean is a therapeutic spiral-bound flipbook with two books of poetry. When read from one side, the reader will find poems accompanied by black stick-figure illustrations, and when read from the other side, poems and colorful cartoon-like illustrations. Sediments, A Few Remaining Dark Thoughts depicts the remaining somber, painful thoughts that one would prefer to be blotted out. Petrichor portrays the idyllic manifestations that occur when one’s dreams become a reality.

Sediments Flipbook by Author Amy Jean

Like a tragic comedy, the book is an artful transformation of those disappointing memories and abstract nightmares you wish never happened, so you make them laughable, then flip to the other side to be refreshed.

 Illustrations by Eric Savage.