New birth, rebirth,

Time contracts and expands

as does my mind

Both transform as we grow

revealing glimpses of other times, other lives

A quiet spectacle

searching for former glory

mindlessly unnerving,

echos of restlessness wane

The membranes thin

& Past, present, and impending meet

What’s found?

A luminous cocoon, approaching grace

Chased by a demon to

New Birth


mistakes viscerally ingrained     

delusions dissipate

synthetic beauty and faulty pursuits

exposed when nakedness unveils

Rare talent hidden inside a traumatized vessel

Darkness Speaks



vertiginous wind stirs nausea

to release poison

The laws of science new

Energy expands on invisible platforms

drawing authenticity close

while enveloping pain

Our species evolves

Timeless, modern, and futuristic,

strain then retrain to

meld in spectacular concurrence

forming a retinal imprint

Gradual transformation

vital, joyful, soigné self-possessed beings are birthed

No eyes slip past another

all types of great value

original thoughts encouraged

steps forward,

none back

the ground reforms itself below

Solidifying our space

Now whole, we alight

Nothing foreign or unblemished

No reticence

Free-flowing speech enmeshed

As time expands

Serene calm encompases

softening the marks of skeletons

Until plates audibly shift

& the space fractures

fissures, cracks, splinters

Unyeilding, shivers blaze through

and time contracts again

Urges once anesthetized, resurrected

by layers of essence lacquered

one atop another

salvaging antiquity

Time’s contraction completes

as it b e n



and folds


New Birth

Cover Photo by photo by Simon Goetz on Unsplash, Ingrained Photo by Photo by Martin Woortman on Unsplash, Darkness Speaks Photo by Javardh on Unsplash, Timeless photo by Photo by Tom Athawes on Unsplash, Posion Photo by Mohan Moolepetlu on Unsplash lacquered photo by Photo by Frank Albrecht on Unsplash