There is no fear beyond to pierce the night nor darkness that my camel lights cannot bright.

So now rest in peace, my friend,

no further protection to render nor comfort to tend.

Though words were out of reach, your eyes could speak.

Glances of compassion, tolerance born of classy fashion, sassy prances – doggie dances & doe eyes to melt my heart.

The combination, God’s art.

Your presence so big that I didn’t have to live alone.

As your tail flung by, to many valuables, I said goodbye.

But I didn’t really care because you were always there for me.

Every time I turned around, you were watching me, often without a sound.

Curious about what I would do and if there might be a treat in it for you.

And usually, there was.

My tears have all dried; they washed away with others’ lies and broken promises.

You comforted me while I cried as many relationships died.

It was you who was loyal and true when so many others made me blue.

Now, off you go to sleep in peace, until one day in Heaven we meet.

A friend arrived ahead of you, I’m sure she has a tale or two to share…

about my crazy ways, our lazy days, my misplaced thoughts, tantrums, and swearing bouts.

I hope you two commiserate, eat lots of treats, and know I miss you with every beat of my heart.

Adieu, sweet girl.