Spare Parts

A Spare Part

Caged, fractured, and funneled,

distortions amplify

I feel like a spare part           
A character filling
others’ empty spaces with vitality,         
bleaching my mind.            

Words ventriloquized from beyond         
grip chains revoking freedom         
A scripted life void of choices         
An impersonator           

Synthesized numbness         
Squalor, delirium’s gate         
Dreams quashed,         

Words on pages tangle         
into my life events         
my soles bruised

Useless, vacant,

I hide encrusted

in antiquities grime. 

Sanity and dignity vanish

revealing I have nothing

left to protect


thaws the cold of

centuries of textured silence. 

Vuja de

The final thread unravels. I’m bathed in a violent freedom  

I do not struggle to survive

in an orchestrated space of time.

I refuse to relinquish a prayer for death.

Spare Parts Photo by Kotagauni Srinivas on Unsplash , Puppet on a string Photo by Sivani B on Unsplash, vacant grime Photo by Nathan Wright on Unsplash, unravel Photo by Richard Horvath on Unsplash