A Formula for a Future

I often wonder why some people have billions of dollars in the bank and gems stored away in safety deposit boxes. Does it make sense for some people to collect more than they possibly use in their lifetime? Maybe they think people won’t be hungry or thirsty until they die and leave their money to charity.

On the other hand, I realize that some people are intentionally being lazy or working the system. I’m afraid I have to disagree with that tactic. Personally, once people have clean food, clean water, shelter, and an opportunity for an education, they have the necessary foundation to make a life for themselves.

What they do after that is up to them. Accumulating a lot of wealth and belongings creates more work for the person. Not everybody wants that. Based on what I have observed, individuals in the middle class appear to be the happiest: they seem to have sincere friendships, a better work-life balance, and lower stress levels.

What are your thoughts on a formula for a future?

1 Corinthians 16

Now about the collection for the Lord’s people: Do what I told the Galatian churches to do. On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with your income, saving it up, so that when I come no collections will have to be made. Then, when I arrive, I will give letters of introduction to the men you approve and send them with your gift to Jerusalem. If it seems advisable for me to go also, they will accompany me.