A drop cloth to collect

A Cave
Spinning Cloth
Drop Cloth
Beautiful Creation
Ride the wave?
beautiful wave
A drop Cloth to collect
Let it rain


People have various collections. Anything from coins, to dolls, to cars, to friends, precious stones, and even pain. I have collected a lot of photographs and memories. Some of my memories and pictures are good and some bad – both the photos and the memories.


I sometimes feel like I have been spinning a cloth trying to weave a web where nobody, ever, I mean never-ever, can hurt my children. Possibly, I spun so long that I can no longer piece my lifetimes or realities together.


Did you create a tunnel to funnel my work? It seems to fall through to only a few of you!

If I had a drop cloth to collect all of my photographs and memories together, sort them out to pick and choose what I liked, I would consider creating a beautiful picture. Drop all of the bad memories, violence, and heartache while keeping the beautiful moments. But I don’t think that is possible because that ache made the picture fiery and colorful. But I don’t think it should be that way. Beauty without suffering should be the wave of the future.


If it were up to me, only parents would suffer. Children would ride a graceful wave to a colorful, full life, with a whole mind. There would be no violence or bullying, no pain or suffering. They would find joy and peace in a miraculous instant.


Let it Rain

And as far as I am concerned, if you have had a rough journey, a bad day, disappointing news, heartbreak, or despair, then open your floodgates. Let it rain!