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Amy Jean is a writer who relishes defying the status quo. Her intimate stories and activist writing style shines through in her artistic and masterful collection of work.  The books and blog combine poetry and prose, propelling the reader along a melodic, serpentine path. Delving into her writing, one discovers a blend of words, rhythms, and illustrations composing art derived from her memories, dreams, and views of the world encompassing us. The concinnity of the work compels the reader to explore the work repeatedly, searching for subcurrent meanings and discovering opportunities for reader self-reflection.

The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1 and My Insight Journal by Amy JeanStart by joining Amy on a markedly personal faith journey In The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 1: Foundations, Snippets from a Wild Ride – A Prayer, A Poem, A Prophecy. Leslie Jones from Readers’ Favorite says, “The events that occurred are profound, miraculous, and inspiring. Even facing the judgment of those closest to her, Amy knew she was on the right path to complete self-awareness. “Everybody has a story in the Bible waiting to be lived, to unfold, to ignite their life, to be told, to be shared, to inspire others.”

The Kingdom Has Arrived Volume 2 by Amy JeanContinue with Volume 2: Passion’s Fire  on a protagonist’s journey of intoxicating love for God and the unveiling of scripture, shedding light on the prophecies of Isaiah and Revelation. Vincent Duablo, with Readers’ Favorite, says, “…Passion’s Fire can be considered a social phenomenon that merits scrutiny. It is a provocative work that proposes a return to spiritual renewal, as it presents belief correlating with attitudes on personal and social issues.”

Amy Jean Blog - Side Steps Poetry Book SeriesThere are three books of poetry in Amy Jean’s Side Steps series. This collection shoots flares up at the historical missteps we habitually ignore. D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer with Midwest Review, says, “…poetic social inspection at its best: a journey of compelling, engaging historical examination that links personal experience and evolution to activism in a compelling, unique, artistic manner where everything in life is potentially revolutionary.”

The Long Stretch by Amy JeanAmy Jean’s fourth book of poetry, The Long Stretch, is a collection of poems that share thoughts and experiences endured laboring towards cosmic birth in the new Heavens and New Earth. The author shares tidbits of struggles, opinions, dreams, visions, frustrations, and heartbreaks using a refreshing freestyle poetic mastery. A photograph from Unsplash depicts each poem majestically. The author reveals her desires and dreams as the chapters progress from her thoughts on “truths” and throwing many of them out to spin her desires into reality.